About Us
Hardware & Home Improvement | Gee Bridge is a Hardware Manufacturer Leading Brand from Taiwan
Holding More than Four Decades in the Industry. Gee Bridge International Inc, founded in 1978, is committed to the development of various architectural hardware related products. We help our clients to develop more than 3,000 kinds of products. In 2001, we established an office in Hangzhou. Accurate Quality Control Team Implementing ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Our team design custom manufacturing solutions, with the most accurate quality control team to ensure the quality. We guarantee to provide the best way to manage your time and cost. Committed to Meeting Clients' Needs. We continue to move forward, towards customization, specialization and diversification to meet different customers' needs. Based on many customers' evaluation, Gee Bridge Company is one that can be trusted. You can take responsibility for long-term cooperation partners and we will continue to uphold the glory. In order to provide you with an unparalleled sourcing experience, our sales and QC personnel ensure all your requirements are met. This is how we have been able to keep and grow our client base.